kde 3.2

Izo I at siol.net
Tue Sep 21 07:46:23 BST 2004

Winton Roseland wrote:

>I upgraded to kde3.2 from an earlier version and have a problem that appears
>to be font related.  My main menu is OK but all text in the dialogs and the
>help text for taskbar items are unreadable.  This includes the initial
>dialogs that KDE displays just after starting.  Any suggestions would be

If you have upgraded from 3.0.x there have been lot of of changes in 
config area of the KDE up to the 3.3.x and settings could not be 
compatible anymore - it is my personal experience. Try following:

1. LogOut KDE (right click to desktop, Logout user ..., Terminate this 
session only) - you get the KDM LogIn dialog
2. Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get the virtual ASCII console 2
3. LogIn as working user
4. Save old $HOME/.kde directory using e.g.: cd $HOME; mv .kde .kde.OLD
5. LogOut using exit command
6. Alt-F7 to get the KDM LogIn dialog back
7. LogIn as working user - KDE should re-create the $HOME/.kde directory
8. Of course, during this process you have "lost" all old personal 
settings and you will have to set up personal preferences again
9. If results are not satisfying restore the old $HOME/.kde using 
similar procedure as described from 1. to 7.

Good luck !


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