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Stephan Matthiesen stephan at
Wed Sep 15 12:38:20 BST 2004


In case other people have need for a solution. Apologies that this turned out 
to be off-topic for this list as it is not KDE related...

Am Dienstag, 14. September 2004 14:13 schrieb Stephan Matthiesen:
> is it possible to assign a simple key combination to the letter ñ (ntilde),
> which I need a lot when writing about El Niño....
> I'm using KDE 3.3. (KDE-Redhat), keyboard PC105(intl), keyboard layout
> German (nodeadkeys), Fedora 2, on a Toshiba Laptop.

It works when I modifiy the file  /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc/latin

Change the line
    key <AB06>  { [         n,          N  ]    };
    key <AB06>  { [         n,          N, ntilde, Ntilde  ]    };

After a restart I get the ñ with AltGr-n.

Some useful hints and a good description for making a new keyboard layout is 
found here

It seems to me that the above modification might be generally useful, and if I 
can find out where to submit wishes I would submit it...

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be good documentation on xkb. In 
particular I wonder if it is possible to set these keysymbols in some user 
configuration file, rather than having to modify the distributed keyboard 

> Kshortcut (in the control centre) doesn't seem to work at all. Trying to
> define something like Alt-Ctrl-N -> ñ simply doesn't do anything. But then
> I even the predefined example "Type Hello" doesn't work when I activate it
> - is there a trick?

No solution yet. Is this supposed to work?

> Doing
>   xmodmap -e 'keycode 57=n N ntilde Ntilde'
> does not work either. However I can set:
>   xmodmap -e 'keycode 57=ntilde Ntilde'
> but then of course I loose the normal 'n'.

It seems that xmodmap is obsolete, and changes with xmodmap might or might not 
work. This is confusing as a google search always returns plenty of xmodmap 
suggestions, but little (understandable) about xkb.

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