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Fabien3D creafab at
Sun Sep 12 17:04:36 BST 2004

Le samedi 11 Septembre 2004 22:19, Thomas Cuny a écrit :
> On Saturday 11 September 2004 14:31, creafab at wrote:
> > Hi !
> > I've just installed Mandrake 10.0 official, and I've tried to launch
> > Kmail and Knode. For the first soft, it seems like everything works fine,
> > but when I click on any folder, Kmail crashes. I've checked its
> > configuration, but it looks like nothing's wrong. For Knode, the
> > execution doesn't event work !
> >
> > Any idea ?
Now it works ! Let's see what I did :
- I removed the Kmail package. When I reinstalled it, the Install Software 
program told me several dependencies were missing (kdepim-kmail soft and 
libraries). It dowloaded them from a mirror site and finally installed Kmail. 
- I tried the same procedure with Knode, but a dependency problem helped me 
from installing the News reader. The missing package was 
kdepim-common-xxx.rpm. I downloaded it, installed it with several other rpms 
from the MDK CD's. But at the end of the process, Knode didn't launch.

Eventually, this afternoon, I realized Kontact gathered both Kmail and Knode. 
Even the kmail command in a console window lauches Kontact. So, everything 
works fine now, and I know a few more things about KDE !

Thanks everyone !


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