Error message "File or folder does not exist" when clicking on a link

John Zoetebier john.zoetebier at
Sun Sep 12 08:09:37 BST 2004

John Zoetebier wrote:

> Konqueror 3.2 branche >= 20040204
> When I click on a link like
> konqueror start with an error message:
> "File of folder does not exist"
> When I refresh the page the proper page is shown.
> When there is already 1 tab open the proper page is show.
> Is this a configuration problem ?

This problem can be fixed by changing the file association og Konqueror for
Somehow this was changed to:
kfmclient openURL %u inode/directory

But it has to be:
kfmclient openURL %u text/html

John Zoetebier

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