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Sun Sep 12 07:11:37 BST 2004

Andy Teijelo PĆ©rez wrote:

>El Domingo, 12 de Septiembre de 2004 01:05 AM, SnapafunFrank escribiĆ³:
>>SnapafunFrank wrote:
>>Hopefully this little update means something and will help:
>>I just tried to print from kghostview and kpdf. In both cases I got a
>>little popup message saying that it was "Initializing printer ..... '
>>Within the print dialogue I see that is recognized and that
>>things supposedly are pointing by way of localhost:631. However nothing
>>happens and I need to kill things with the <Ctrl-Alt-Esc> combo. This
>>happens only within KDE.
>>So, still looking for ideas.
>I had the same problem and the solution was exactly as Andrew Lees said. But I 
>went through several test before getting there. I logged off KDE and started 
>a simple xterm on X. Then I went opening some applications and KDE components 
>(dcopserver, knotify, klauncher, kded, ksmserver) I don't remember when but 
>somewhere in those test I got a error message talking about "name resolution" 
>and after that everything got slow. What bothered me the most was that almost 
>no CPU power was being used, but finally the solution came up with that 
>approach. I'm not saying it will work for you, but I think you won't lose 
>anything trying it. I'll be glad if it is of some help.
I take it the solution you are talking about involves /etc/hosts file 
but as you can see in the original post update that I have an entry 
there. Is this entry [ put there by webmin initially I think ] correct? 
Or should I be adding different ones for user use? If so any suggestions?



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