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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 13:18:44 +0200
Subject: Re: [kde] How to reply to a thread ?
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> Now, about gz & bz2... 
> I know they are quite different. Thing is that unpacking on the CLI is way way 
> faster (maybe by a factor of 10 or more) than in konqi. 
> If i enter a bz2 in mc the speed is allmost as if it was a gz. Then just copying its 
> contents to some place is a breeze. I also noticed allmost no difference between 
> a gz or bz2 in a image viewer called AcdSee for MS which is comercial which i can't 
> nor want to use ( it can view the contents of archives). 
mc unpacks (ungzips, unbzips) first, and than uses .tar file stored
somewhere in /tmp.
That's done by their VFS library.

> So the CLI bz2 program (&tar) are quite fast. I guess the libs involved in kde for 
> this task are not extremely effective at showing or extracting these archives. 
> thanx again. 
bollocks. KDE uses lib-bzip2, which is used by bzip2 command, and all
it's flavours (bzcat for instance). So it's wrong guess. Maybe just
bzip2 slave is written badly, who knows.

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