How to reply to a thread ?

Alex Nordstrom alexander.nordstromDONT_CC_ME at
Fri Sep 10 10:15:21 BST 2004

On Friday, 10 Sep 2004 17:50, Ionel Catanescu wrote:
> I know this may sound silly, but how do i do that?
> I have just posted a thread here and i got a reply to it.
> I would also like to reply to this reply.
> How do i do that ?

I'm assuming that was my reply you're referring to.

Are you reading this through the archives on the Web? Unless you can 
manually tell your mail user agent to send a message with the 
In-Reply-To header set to the value listed in the Message-ID header of 
the message to which you are replying and and the References header to 
the list of Message ID header values representing all messages above 
where you want your message to be threaded in descending order, you 
have to be subscribed to the list.

If you are subscribed to the list, you should simply be able to select 
the message to which you are replying and select "reply" or "reply to 
list". You may have to select "reply to all" and remove addresses other 
than the list's posting address.

Since you appear to be using Microsoft Outlook Express, I'm afraid I 
can't provide more detailed assistance than that. Even if you are stuck 
with Microsoft Windows and you don't have access 
to a shell account on a proper computer, there are many good 
alternatives with excellent or decent list-handling capabilities, and 
which non-MS users would be able to assist you with:

There's mutt under cygwin:

There is also a port of mutt for 32-bit, although it apparently hasn't 
been updated in a couple of years:

Unixmail for Windows bring you mutt and several other powerful tools all 
nicely bundled up:

gnus should also work under Windows:

Mozilla Thunderbird also has some limited list handling ability:

If you insist on using Lookout, please at least tell it NOT to send HTML 
to this list or anyone else expecting e-mail in their mail user agents 
rather than Web pages. Thank you.

Alex Nordstrom
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