To .tar.gz or to .tar.bz2 in KDE ? -> huge difference in speed

Ionel Catanescu ionel.catanescu at
Fri Sep 10 10:13:28 BST 2004

Mine is a simple question.
If browsing *.tar.gz's is pretty darn fast (in konqueror & all aps using kio & kparts)
why shouldn't it be so for .tar.bz2's which are dead slow.
If you would enter a gz in Konqueror (even a few hundred MB one) and then copying
its contens  to /tmp/blahblah for example, you would get very good speed.
Now, try the same with a bz2. Dinosaurs disapeard in shorter periods of time
(thousands of years) even for small archives like few hundred KB or 1-2 MB.
Is there something wrong in the internals of kio-kpart regarding bz2? (from what i heard about the
technical stuff , it's something about krarc... something).
If you just want to unpack the archive you might try adding a .desktop file with a
tar -xvf %u inside or whatever for the service menus in konqi & that would be FAST!!!
But what if somebody wants to read a certain README inside a 25 MB or so a bz2 ?
Apps which count on this are SoOOOOOOO SLOOOW going inside these files.
Think no farther than Krusader, or Gwenview viewing some icon thumbnails
inside some icon theme archive.

I apologize if i somehow done something wrong or offended anyone with this post.
I hope this was not a stupid question to ask & maby someone in the knowhow may respond.

Thank you.
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