Annoying problem with new windows and virtual desktops

Elena Lazar ela at
Wed Sep 8 13:14:30 BST 2004

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Clinton E. Troutman wrote:

> Right clicking the app on the taskbar presents a menu. That menu
> contains "All to desktop" which will move all windows for that app to a
> particular desktop.  Alternatively, the top of that menu contains a
> choice for each instance of the app; hovering over one of those menu
> items presents a submenu that contains "To Desktop" that will affect
> only that instance.
> Is that what you're looking for???

Hello. No. Perhaps I did not expresses quite well what I am looking for:  
to have windows opened in the same desktop where I initiated the opening
process. Simplier scenario for what is happening to me:

- I just logged in, I am in desktop #1, no window is opened in any desktop

- I click on Konqueror, which opens in desktop #2, not in #1 as I wish
because in the previous session, I was using it there, in desktop #2

- I log out


- I log in again, no window opened

- Going to desktop #2

- I click on Konqueror which openes in desktop #1, not #2 (where I am now)  
because again, it seems it "remembered" that in the previous session I was
using it in desktop #1

And I don't know where to turn off this behaviour.

Mersi, Ela

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