how to pass url to external app.

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Wed Sep 8 09:33:53 BST 2004


In Konqueror I can click on a URL that (due to its extention) will start an
external application.  I succeeded in telling konqueror to always start
'javaws' (java webstart) whenever I click on a '.jnlp' file fine.
Problem is that for some reason konq copies the remote jnlp file to a local
directory before calling javaws with that local file as an argument.
Due to konq doing silly things with caching I have often seen that an
old version was being used.

Could anyone tell me how I can force konq to start the external application
with the full path of the remote URL (i.e. instead
of incorrectly copying the file to a local store first?


ps. plese cc answers.
Thomas Zander
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