Annoying problem with new windows and virtual desktops

Elena Lazar ela at
Tue Sep 7 20:04:38 BST 2004

I am using four virtual dekstops on my KDE 3.2.3/Gentoo (but the problem
is older, since the 3.0 I think). Here is what is happening:

1. Going to virtual desktop #1
2. Opening a window (Konqueror, Konsole, it does not matter)
3. Moveing the window the virtual desktop #2
4. Going to virtual desktop #2
5. Resizing the window, RMB no title bar and click Advanced -> Store
Windows Settings
6. Closing window
7. Going to virtual desktop #1
8. Opening window again: it opens in desktop #2 instead of desktop #1

The point is that I need for some windows to save windows settings (like
size and position for example), but I NOT the number of virtual desktop in
which they are.

How can I setup KDE so each window opens in the virtual desktop from where
the opening action was initiated?


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