fontconfig +xfs ? or only fontconfig ....

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Sep 7 05:40:30 BST 2004

Marie-Noelle Dauphin wrote:
> Hello , Since several months ,  I have compiled konstruct.kde  with qt  in
> the same time... . since there is a new version , i compil it  with the same
> method ..
> I noticed that sometimes for one version (for example kde3.2 ),
> kde use fontconfig AND the fonts of the xfs server  ( I see that in kde
> control configuration , there 's plenty of fonts which are not not defined in
> the /etc/fonts.conf but in the xfs server
FontConfig will search directory trees recursively so if you have:


it will find most of them, but if running [as root]:

	fc-cache -v

doesn't list all of your fonts, then add the directories to: 
"/etc/fonts/local.conf".  Remember, you only need the root of a tree.
> and for another version ( for example kde 3.3)  kde only use fontconfig ....
> It 's annoying for users .... because when I change the kde version they
> loose fonts ...It would be all the time the same fonts ...
> can you explain me that  ? I don't find compilation option for that in kde
> ....

It is Qt that uses FontConfig, so it is necessary that you Qt is linked against
FontConfig. Older versions of Qt's 'configure' script had problems finding 
FontConfig if it wasn't installed in: /usr/X11R6.  That might be your problem if 
you built from source.

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