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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Oct 30 18:09:23 BST 2004

zika wrote:
> -Is there a way to create .desktop files without usin kmenu editor? Drag and
> "create link here" in konqueror does not seem to work.
> -How can I add "Open Here" in K-menu to open folder (in Konqueror)? Like it
> was in Gnome before. I am using <LegacyDir>. I can't put empty dir because it
> does not show in menu.
You need to put a 'desktop' file in the Menu with a command:

	kfmclient openProfile filemanagement "/<path>/<filename>"

If you want this to be for only one user, you can do this with the menu editor.
> -I am using <legacydir> to create menu.  Something like 
> <LegacyDir>/usr/name/startmenu</LegacyDir>

If possible, don't use a "legacydir".  The best way to change the global menu is
to add an additional file: "/etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/<menu-name>.menu"
or to change the menu for a user, use the menu editor.

Remember that if you add a directory to the menu by hand that you also need a file:

> I have .desktop files in place, but I can only see them in menu after I
> comment "Category" line in Gimp.desktop file, using text editor.

Yes, if you are making 'desktop' files for the new menu system, they must have a
"Category=" entry that corresponds to one in one of the '*.menu' files.

> If I put <Include> <Category>KDE</Category> </Include>
> in kmenueditor.rc _all_ KDE programs are in the menu.
That is not the correct file to edit.  Actually, I can't find such a file.
> -After I edit Menu and put kedit in more than one place, when I right click
> in Konqueror, and go to Open with, I see two Kedit menu items?
If you are changing the global menu, you must check to see if there is a 
'desktop' file for that application in "$HOME/.local/share/applications" and 
remove it.
> -Is there a way to install single KDE program, like Kate? How can I install
> that one later?
Kate should already be installed:


If you want to make global changes to Kate, you should change that 'desktop' file.
> -Can I remove "new device" from "Create" menu?

I think that that is hard coded.

> -Can task bar be divided in two lanes, upper with quick links, and lower with
> tabs of opened programs?
The TaskBar is an applet that runs in the Panel.

You can stack two Panels (I don't know if that is supported but it seems to 
work) and run the TaskBar in one of them.

I do not expect that this is sufficient to solve your problem.  Please ask more 
specific (and more detailed) questions and explain exactly what you want to 
accomplish.  And, are you trying to change the global menu or the user's menu?
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