Tray icons can't park in Kicker

Basil Fowler bjfowler at
Sat Oct 30 00:00:09 BST 2004

I had a similar set of problems when I upgraded from KDE 3.1.3 to KDE 3.3.1.  
The cause in my case was a corrupted $HOME/.kde/share/config/kickerrc file.

Delete all applications on the kicker panel and then have a look at kickerrc 
You may well find some junk in the sections marked [ServiceButton_xx].  A 
[ServiceButton_xx] is created and deleted for each application docked / 
removed.  If all applications are deleted from kicker, there should be no 
entries under [ServiceButton_xx]. Note that applets like Login/Lock are 
located under [Applet_xx].

In addition, clear out the directory $HOME./kde/share/apps/kicker.

Hopes this helps.

Basil Fowler

On Tuesday 26 October 2004 15:30, Jozef Riha wrote:
> i experience the similar behaviour using licq 1.3.0, slackware and KDE
> 3.2.3. sometimes the application docks in the tray icon area sometimes
> it does not :(
> i've got no problems w/ amarok tho.
> cheers,
> -- joe
> On Ut, 2004-10-26 at 12:28 +0200, Milan Zamazal wrote:
> > It often happens to me that tray icons can't park in Kicker.  Instead,
> > when starting an application, its tray icon crazily jumps over the
> > screen and sometimes it ends up as a separate window and sometimes it
> > jumps over the screen until I kill the application.
> >
> > The problem doesn't seem to be application specific, it happens at least
> > with KNetLoad, Kopete and AmaroK.  I use KDE 3.3.0a from Debian and the
> > Sawfish window manager.  I experienced the problem with KDE 3.2.3 and
> > 3.3.0 as well.
> >
> > Any hint what could be wrong on my computer?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Milan Zamazal
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