Doesn't it make developers mad??

J Hall canllaith at
Fri Oct 29 04:19:52 BST 2004

>> This is something that comes up now and then, and perhaps we should make a
>> FAQ entry about it.
>> Mad? No.  We'd just stop if it made us mad.  Frustrated? occasionally.
>> KDE is an amorphous thing.  I kind of think of it sort of like a coral. 
>> It looks like one thing on the outside, but when you look really closely,
>> it's an entire community of  many hundreds, constantly coming and going,
>> but always growing.

>> Like that coral though, we're tough, and growing, and even when we move
>> on, we leave behind something to remember us by. Something we made
>> together, as a community, but it wouldn't have been exactly the way it is,
>> without each of our contributions shaping the whole.
>> Regards,
>> -- 
>> Lauri Watts

Amen to that! I think this email would make a lovely and inspiring basis for 
an article on why contributers do what they do.  Especially hobbies as their 
own reward, and the sense of accomplishment when you first see something that 
you worked on and polished online :) 

Slightly OT, I think I remember the name Lauri Watts from my first experiment 
of using KDE on linux quite a few years ago, before I had an internet 
connection. The documentation I read helped me gain confidence fast, and my 
computing and networking skills are where they are today because I didn't 
give up on linux when it was 'too hard' - I read the documentation wonderful 
people like you wrote instead. Because of my successful home linux experiment 
as a teenager I now make a good living from Unix support. God bless :)

J Hall
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