Doesn't it make developers mad??

faraz khan faraz at
Thu Oct 28 21:46:06 BST 2004

I adore linux , I adore KDE and i adore the people who work on this (I do too, 
but not much at all to be noticed). I am becoming a part of a company that 
will become a OSS consultancy in Pakistan. I have a VERY basic and 
philosophical question that has been raised by my investor and left 
unanswered, maybe you can help me out.

He says: Using OSS, the Hardware vendor makes money- the consultant makes 
money, supporter makes money.. EVERYBODY but the poor developer. He wants to 
know how, without money, will these developers be able to sustain such 

I do my work just for fun.. gives me great pleasure in watching my programs 
being used by others.. Dont you guys wish u would benefit off this too? 
doesnt it make u mad that everybody else up the chain is reaping benefits but 
not you?

Just looking for opinions.. I thought KDE might be the best place to ask since 
this is ONE MAMMOTH of a OSS project- taking a lot of developer time. 
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