XAUTHORITY question.

David Harel hareldvd at ergolight-sw.com
Wed Oct 27 17:53:12 BST 2004

Please ignore the original message.

I am ashame to tell I forgot to set DISPLAY. Setting XAUTHORITY works OK.

Please excuse me for that.

David Harel wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need some help with running X11 application (xmessage) from a 
> process that stated before X11 was started.
> Until now I understood that if I set the environment variable 
> XAUTHORITY to the same auth file that the X process is using I will be 
> OK without using xhost command. Recently (upgraded from a badly 
> patched RedHat 9 to Gentoo) this environment variable setting stopped 
> working.
> It seems to me I do not understand the XAUTHORITY mechanism at all.


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