KDvi Doesn't Know Where to Find Fonts

徐冠鹏 leo_virgo at 263.net
Fri Oct 15 15:47:09 BST 2004

James Richard Tyrer wrote: 
> From the information you provided, my best (educated, but still a) guess is  
> that this is a font specific bug with that application, or it might be a general  
> bug with CJK glyphs with that application. 
> Could you please try a different font and see it it works correctly with a  
> different font. 
There are two kinds of available fonts in my system.  
One of them is the "ugly" family of fonts I refered,  
fonts from Arphic. So I added another family of fonts,  
including the font "simsun". Fonts from Arphic can  
works correctly actually.  
However, it seems this is neither a font specific bug  
with that application nor a general bug with CJK  
glyphs with that application. I noticed that I put the  
additonal fonts into /usr/local/share, not the default  
directory /usr/share. And "xdvi" can generate pk-files  
correctly, so I think KDvi may have some problems in  
reading system configurations. I am a newbie of using  
LaTeX and do not kown how to use user-provided fonts  
exactly, so I do not test wether addtional fonts designed  
for latin character can work correctly, and I just made  
a guess as well.  
Guanpeng Xu 

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