No root ligins are allowed

Randall D. Hobbs Mandrake at
Fri Oct 15 04:03:14 BST 2004

On Thursday 14 October 2004 09:51 pm, Thomas Cuny wrote:
> For KDM
> goto Kde Control Center/System/Login Manager/Users
> in "Show Users" mark show selected
> in "Selected List" mark root

Yep, that shows 'root' as one of the users you can use when you log into 
KDM... Probably necessary

> KDM is designed to protect the system from idiots.
> Anyone who can figure out how to enable root login has
> passed the "I am not an idiot" test.

Yep. One thing about it though - you can ALWAYS tell people not to, but until 
they make a fatal mistake it's just ill gotten advice. I was the same way 
years ago. It takes making those kinds of mistakes before you really 
understand why it's better that way, and then you go from being a "beginner" 
to being an experienced Linux user. 

> I use GDM. Allow root login is apparently the default for Mandrake.

Yep, that it is. Surprizingly msec doesn't turn that part off, but leaving the 
"Actions" menu on seems to be something it has issues with (like you can't 
just reach down and hit the button to reboot if you're trying to tear 
something up).

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