samba + kde 3.3 problems!

apalaios at apalaios at
Sat Oct 9 20:07:11 BST 2004

Hi... I have recently installed Suse 9.1....
I have also upgraded to kde 3.3
The problem i face is that i cannot view my network pcs...

When i enter the following url in konqueror 
the following error occurs

An error occured while loading to smb:\\
Connection to host smb:\\ is broken

I have also tried the following 

Error while
connecting to server responsible fos smb

I have samba server and client enabled and everything works fine... I can see
all the pcs using command line sytax..

I think the problem resides on the communication between the kde and the
samba... Perhaps i should upda a library....
Any good hint???

Error while connecting to server responsible fos smb

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