Usefull feature for KMail

Marian POPESCU softexpert at
Mon Oct 11 09:57:47 BST 2004


A while ago I started to use the filtering features of KMail.
I quickly came to conclusion that they can be improved.
I filed bug 85519 into the wishlist:

Follows the description:

1. Either give the possibility to define some rules inside a filter
(something like:
filter mails from
if abc at put it in folder ABC,
if 123 at put it into folder 123)

2. Or create sub-filters
(example :
        filter1[mails from]
                subfilter11[mail from abc at]
                subfilter12[mail from 123 at]
The subfilters can be triggered only when their parent has validated the
content ... 

If someone finds this idea usefull, please vote for it!!


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