Kmail - Accepting certificates 'forever' does not work!?

Eric Schuele eschuele at
Sun Oct 10 20:31:03 BST 2004


I am using 
 KMail 1.7
 KDE 3.3.0
 FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7
In short... I keep getting prompted each time to allow my ISPs 
certificate (using TLS for security) even though I select 'Forever' 
when asked.

I am connecting to my ISPs POP3 server to download my mail, and it 
always says that the ISPs certificate is valid but that it does not 
match the IP address of the machine I have connected to.  So I lookup 
all of the IP addresses which are aliased to the ISPs registered mail 
server (, and try each one... one at a time.  I get 
the same results with each and every machine.  

This should not be a big deal.  I 'trust' the machines I am connecting 
to... and KMail allows me to 'trust' them forever... thus not getting 
prompted each time.  Except the 'forever' really only lasts until I 
shutdown KMail and fire it up again.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?  Any help is appreciated.

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