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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Sat Oct 9 10:52:48 BST 2004

On Friday 08 October 2004 23:06, Trevor Smith wrote:
>On October 8, 2004 6:42 pm, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> No, the general wisdom is that you need to see if there is an ATI
>> driver that works better or see if there is a patch for the X.ORG
>> "radeon" driver.
>> The current X.ORG release is 6.8.1 so you might want to upgrade.
>Screw it. I dug around and looked at that gatos site that supposedly
> has drivers for ati cards and it is MONUMENTALLY confusing. No
> chance any normal end user could ever use it.
>As for updating X, it's only slightly less intimidating and
> confusing. I couldn't even begin to guess where to start trying to
> upgrade -- and that's AFTER reading the instructions at the XFree
> site.

Excuse me?  First, why are you using the instructions from the XFree 
site?  You should be looking at or, anything 
else is out of date.

Second, the build and install is as simple as unpacking it into 
a /usr/src/xc directory which it will make if its unpacked 
into /usr/src.

Then make yourself another build directory called /usr/src/X11R6.8.1, 
cd to it and do an 'lndir ../xc' from there.  Then without further 
ado while cd'd to /usr/src/X11R6.8.1, do 'make World" which on this 
machine takes maybe 45 minutes.  When thats done, do a 'make 
install'.  If you are using an rpm package base system such as 
checkinstall, do a 'checkinstall -R -fstrans=no' and answer a few 
questions to generate an installable rpm, then install it.

Total time was a bit over an hour here.  Degree of difficulty would be 
90% in the users mind.

>No chance. :-(
>I'll just have to live with it until someone else fixes the problem
> and uploads the fixes to some yum server or it gets incorporated
> into the next version of FC or some other linux or until I get a
> new computer with different hardware.

Cheers, Gene
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