[SLE] RE: Has The performance been forgotten?

Bahram Alinezhad alineziad at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 15:40:12 BST 2004

Even if you don't do that, I am grateful for your
favourable answer.

Best Regards,
Bahram Alinezhad,
Tehran, Iran.

"Jason Hihn" (jhihn at lanexdvr.com)

With you being in Iran, I don't know. I think federal
export regulations may prohibit parts of KDE, I don't
know. Nothing personal, as I think the export
restrictions are a joke myself.

I'd ask someone to download the source for you and
ship it to you on CD. Or try out the knoppix LiveCD.


"Bahram Alinezhad" (alineziad at yahoo.com)

Thanks a lot for your friendly and detailed answer;
But unfortunately, I have not the opportunity for
compiling KDE by myself, because I am alone and have
expensive internet costs with narrowband dialup
(modem) connection in my country. For once, I tried
compiling Gnome 2.6 on my computer and was
disappointing... I prefer to complete that Gnome
project rather than starting deal with KDE... Can you
help me?

Bahram Alinezhad,
Tehran, Iran.

"Jason Hihn" (jhihn at lanexdvr.com)

The horrible KDE numbers are from the KDE design
philosophy, and ld.

KDE is a C++ desktop, GNOME and Windows are C based.
As such, KDE bas a lot of virtual-table linking that
has to go on before a program starts. You can use the
pre-linking option which will pre-link what it can
before hand. This produces wonderful results, though
it is still slower than C-based (because the linking
is still much less.)

KDE is a nirvana of design. It has a high class-reuse,
and because of that, there is a lot of linking.
Unfortunately the linker that links these things at
program start was not designed to handle all the

KDE developers have therefore chosen an approach that
sucks for slower machines, but it produces a
easy-to-program feature. For instance, the text-box
automatic spell checking was easily added because all
text boxes come from the same class. Other programs
have an easy time extending the classes that are
provided to suit their needs.

Programming in KDE is a joy. Running it is not. But
with processor speeds doubling every 18 months, the
KDE project will suck for users, but will ultimately
be the more maintainable design. Look at the features
of each Release from GNOME and KDE. KDE achieves more.

And you numers do seem low. Maybe Suse diabled
pre-linking in their build?
I'd suggest compiling KDE yourself using Konstruct
over the weekend. It will take you probably 2 days to
compile all of it. Once started though, you can let it
go. When you are done, follow the instructions and you
can check out the Konstruct compile of KDE without
effecting your system, only your user account, and
only while you have the enironment variables set.

I would be iterested to know if that clears up your

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