video artifacts in kde

Trevor Smith trevor at
Wed Oct 6 23:36:40 BST 2004

I'm using kde 3.3.0-2.2.2.kde and there are irritating video artifacts when I 
drag icons on the desktop (the icon leaves a trail) or even when I 
single-click on the desktop (clicking causes a point to appear on the 
desktop). Both these things disappear when a refresh is done or when a window 
is placed over the affected area and then moved, but man it's irritating (and 
ugly). I think this behaviour has been going on for a while, not just with 
this latest version of kde.

Any help? Workarounds?

I have screenshots, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post them to this 
list (they're ~45k each).

Trevor Smith // trevor at
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