KDE & composite-extension

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at nbl.fi
Wed Oct 6 19:42:40 BST 2004


Is there any (semi)official info regarding composite-support in future 
releases of KDE? Of course KDE will support it at some point, but I was just 
wondering when that time might be.

The reason I'm asking is this: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/11173717/

I ran in to that earlier today. What you are seeing is (apparently) KDE 3.4 
from CVS with Kwin patched with that unofficial composite-patch. Now, what 
happens is that unfocused windows fade out to background (as seen in the 
screenshot), and fade back when they get focus. This way the window that has 
the focus is clearly highlighted, while unfocused windows are still visible, 
but unobtrusive (and they show what's behind them)

IMO, stuff like this is exactly what composite should be used for! Of course, 
what this needs is proper support from KDE. More precisely: the user should 
have a way to determine how much the unfocused windows fade, and what windows 
do not fade at all (for example, windows playing back videos). That should be 
doable in the window-specific settings in Kwin.

Of course, composite could be used elsewhere as well. Notification-windows 
(Kopete's for example, to make them more unobtrusive), Kmenu (for true 
transparency) etc. etc.
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