Can I display Chinese character filenemes in an

Glenn Alexander glenalec at
Sun Oct 3 04:58:23 BST 2004

> To display UTF8 (8 bit UniCode) file names, you have to set 
> variables.  If you have LC_ALL=C (use default language for all LC_*) 
then you  
> need to set: LANG="en_us.utf8". 
> -- 
> JRT 
Thanx for that, it gave me enough to track down what seems to be a 
On Debian, I used 'dpkg-reconfigure locales' and checked the UTF 
versions of the locales I support and set EN-AU-UTF-8 as my default. 
The filenames don't display right yet -- lots of underscores and one 
or two chinese chars -- but I think it is now a problem of translating 
the old zh_CN.GB2312 format filenames to UTF-8, and I'll take that to 
a more appropriate list if I can't google it. 
Sorry I didn't put this query on KDE-Linux where it should have gone. 
I didn't realise it was a Linux-specific issue. 
Regards, and thanks to everyone for help, 
Glenn Alexander 
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