3.3.0 absolutely rocks.

Jes canllaith at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 2 04:05:47 BST 2004

Not sure if this is the place to say it, but I wanted to say how impressed I 
am with kde 3.3 - I run it on my 500Mhz laptop for an entire working day, 
sshing into my 2400Mhz desktop for cpu intensive tasks like compiles. I find 
KDE extremely usable on my old machine, being just as responsive and snappy 
as KDE 3.1 was, with many more features! This is impressive, to add more 
features without taking up any more system resources. Please, keep it up! Too 
many programmers think writing streamlined code is a waste of time since most 
systems are fast enough to deal with it. I find instead of upgrading machines 
ever 12 months to keep up with the latest software, I now can run the latest 
applications on a 4 year old notebook. Thank you KDE!
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