Kweather error.

Dag Rune Sneeggen contactus at
Mon Nov 29 16:47:24 GMT 2004

I'm sure it would be easier to figure this issue out, if someone knew 
from which website this weather information is parsed. It might just be 
that the site is down, or has been changed.

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Peter B Van Campen wrote:
> On Sunday 28 November 2004 11:17 pm, Dag Rune Sneeggen wrote:
>>I don't know if this is the correct and most suited list for Kweather
>>issues, but its the best I could find.
>>Anyway, during the two couple of last days, Kweather has been giving
>>the following error, no matter which city I try to get the weather
>>from: "The network is unavailable for use".
>>I don't think this error is confined to just my machine, as it seems
>>to not be able to connect to the website where it fetches the report.
>>When i press on the icon, I get another error where it should show
>>the detailed report.
>>"Station reports that it needs maintenance.
>>Please choose another one."
>>If it were only one out of the <100 stations, I'd recon that was the
>>case, but all of the stations shows this.
>>And also, the weather icon is a cloud with a question mark on it hehe
> Hi,
> Same thing is happening here on my 3 SUSE (8.2, 9.2, 9.2) PCs. Mine show 
> the same icon and error, They all point to Chicago weather stations. I 
> have seen this before, and it only lasted a day or two. I also have 
> "Weather Bug on an XP machine thai is OK, but that application uses 
> private reporting stations.
> PeterB
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