Gigabytes of unused Data?, was Re: KDE 3.3.1 seems to be gradually breaking down here

Guido Pinkernell guido.pinkernell at
Mon Nov 29 14:32:09 GMT 2004

On Sunday 28 November 2004 22:56, Esben Mose Hansen wrote:
> On Sunday 28 November, 2004 22:26, Guido Pinkernell wrote:
> > I think I have found a reason for all this. YaST2 says my main partition
> > (8GBytes) is running out of space (99%), about 15MB left. I can't
> > remember loading more than 3GBytes onto the harddisk recently, however
> > Linux has crashed several times in recent hours, so there seems to be
> > loads of unused data.
> Well, that, at least, is easy enough to check
> du -hcx / > report.txt
> Will give you a pretty complete on where you harddisk space have gone.

I think I have found the bugger:

3.9M	/tmp/6pSImPjlkw/tmp/info
0	/tmp/6pSImPjlkw/tmp/system
2.7G	/tmp/6pSImPjlkw/tmp
2.7G	/tmp/6pSImPjlkw

ls -l gives a couple of tarballs which have been written yesterday, during 
time of system backup. I think I can safely delete them now.

Additionally I have checked /etc/sysconfig/cron and found 
CLEAR_TMP_DIRS_AT_BOOTUP set to "no" and MAX_DAYS_IN_TMP disabled. Changed 
the latter to "3" and left the former disabled.

> 8GB is not much in these days and times, though. I usually recoomend at
> least 15GB... but that's another thing.

You are right. Actually I don't need much to be happy with my computer. No 
games or videos or other fancy stuff. I did, however, install a couple of 
games which came with KDE 3.3.1, against my principles. They will have added 
some considerable MBs to the 3GB.

> As for the non-working KDE apps: try running them from a console. It might
> give you useful information. Otherwise, it sounds  a bit like a replaced
> system library --- had you run Gentoo, I would know how to check and fix
> that, but SuSE is not exactly my specialty.

Thanks for your help anyway. I will see what comes out of my doings righ now.

Thanks again,

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