Desktop setup backup

Thomas McGuire thomasmg at
Thu Nov 18 17:07:37 GMT 2004

On Thursday 18 November 2004 22:08, LLLMail wrote:
> How can i backup all the settings that i've done to a KDE Desktop, 
> like the theme, colours, fonts, icons, etc.
Simply backup the .kde folder in your home directory. It is hidden by 

> Can they be used as a default
> for other users with minor changes in some text files for each
> particular user.
I am using KDE on a single user PC, so I can only guess. I think by 
putting the .kde folder in /etc/skel, it will be copied to every newly 
created user.
The problem with this approach is that in some of the config files, there 
are entries which refer to the path of the original user, so these have 
to be changed.

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Hope that helps,
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