KDE 3.3 upgrade in mandrake

John Layt johnlayt1 at yahoo.co.nz
Tue Nov 16 20:51:15 GMT 2004

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 04:57, tommie.ramirezandujar wrote:
> Hi, there,
> I recently downloaded and installed Mandrake Community 10.1 in 3 CD's
> and I had previously downloaded KDE 3.3 pack to upgrade from 3.2 but my
> mandrake insists in using the 4th CD which I don't have. Could anyone
> tell me from where may be able to download it.
> Luck, tommie

3.3.1 is now available from the Club Contrib mirrors.  Try 
http://easyurpmi.zarb.org to set up a 10.1 Club Contrib source.

If that doesn't work, ftp over to ftp.proxad.fr where you will find it 
in /pub/Distributions_Linux/Mandrakelinux/devel/testing/Mandrakeclub/10.1/i586

The cleanest way to install is to uninstall 3.2 first :-)  If that's 
unacceptable, then you must uninstall all the Quanta, util and addon RPMS, 
otherwise things get a bit messy.  Add them back after the upgrade, note 
Quanta is now kdewebdev.

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