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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Sun Nov 7 16:14:37 GMT 2004

On Sunday 07 November 2004 03:36, Zé wrote:
> Em Domingo, 7 de Novembro de 2004 02:31, o Andy Teijelo Pérez escreveu:
> > I don't get it. Why would you like undo, redo, and paste when reading a
> > message? It is not supposed to be editable. On the other hand, those
> > options appear when you are composing, as I'd have expected.
> > Thing look natural to me that way.
> To me seams natural that when you select some text would appear menus
> apropriated to that.

It offers actions you can perform on the selected text, so I guess that makes 
it appropriate, doesn't it?

Why should it also contain actions that cannot be performed?
What would you gain if the menu contained disabled actions?


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