Konqueror missing features

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Nov 6 00:40:59 GMT 2004

Zé wrote:
> Im using kde-3.3.1 and still in this release happens things that should be 
> fixed some time ago...
> Take this example:
> If i want to move a folder named abc to other folder and if there is already a 
> folder named abc, what appears is a small dialog window asking to change the 
> name, when it should appear with the option to overwrite that folder like 
> happens when doing a copy.

There is a bug report for this problem:


This is listed as RESOLVED because my two test cases now work correctly.

But, if you have a test case that exhibits the problem, please post it to that 
bug report and if I can confirm it, I will reopen it.  Please state the test 
case in terms of temporary files that you make for the test so that anyone can 
try it exactly the same.

> Other thing is also when moving a file to some location and if already there 
> is that same file, appears a dialog window asking if it want overwrite that 
> file, but in this dialog window doesnt show any file information like appears 
> when doing a copy.

> Resumig, in konqueror the command move have missing features comparing with 
> the command copy.

IIUC, some of this stuff in in KDEAddOns, did you install that?

If you get less information in the comparison window when you move than when you 
copy, this appears to be the current behavior.  This would be a feature request, 
and you can file a WishList bug report on this.

> How can this be fixed, so the command move do the same as the command copy?

The KDEAddOn will need to be changed.  Sorry that I don't know exactly which 
plugin it is.

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