Konqueror missing features

mmodem00 at netvisao.pt
Fri Nov 5 04:10:07 GMT 2004

Im using kde-3.3.1 and still in this release happens things that should be 
fixed some time ago...

Take this example:
If i want to move a folder named abc to other folder and if there is already a 
folder named abc, what appears is a small dialog window asking to change the 
name, when it should appear with the option to overwrite that folder like 
happens when doing a copy.

Other thing is also when moving a file to some location and if already there 
is that same file, appears a dialog window asking if it want overwrite that 
file, but in this dialog window doesnt show any file information like appears 
when doing a copy.

Resumig, in konqueror the command move have missing features comparing with 
the command copy.

How can this be fixed, so the command move do the same as the command copy?
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