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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Nov 2 00:24:45 GMT 2004

Matt Seitz wrote:
> How can I configure the Recent Documents folder to display only 7 
> items?  I am running KDE Panel 1.1 under KDE 3.0.5a-0.73.2 on Red Hat 
> Linux 7.3.

It should be in the Panel KCM under the "Menus" tab, but it isn't.

So, I am afraid that it is hard coded.

There is a 'desktop' file for each Recent Documnet in:


and the only way that I know is to delete some of these if you don't want them.

You can list them in order with:

	ls -1c $HOME/.kde/share/apps/RecentDocuments

so you could write a cron script to go through the list and start deleting them 
after the 7th one.


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