Tray icons can't park in Kicker

Milan Zamazal pdm at
Mon Nov 1 20:05:36 GMT 2004

>>>>> "BF" == Basil Fowler <bjfowler at> writes:

    BF> Delete all applications on the kicker panel and then have a look
    BF> at kickerrc You may well find some junk in the sections marked
    BF> [ServiceButton_xx].  A [ServiceButton_xx] is created and deleted
    BF> for each application docked / removed.  If all applications are
    BF> deleted from kicker, there should be no entries under
    BF> [ServiceButton_xx]. Note that applets like Login/Lock are
    BF> located under [Applet_xx].

    BF> In addition, clear out the directory
    BF> $HOME./kde/share/apps/kicker.

Thanks for the tip, but it didn't work in my case. :-(

I've found the problem is present with other panels too
(e.g. gnome-panel).  Since various KDE applications suffer of this
problem and on the other hand Gnomemeeting always parks in the tray
successfully, I suspect there's a bug in KDE libraries.  But I still
have no idea how to fix the problem.


Milan Zamazal

And why?

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