Problems using konsole and utempter

Kercso Jozsef jozsefke at
Mon Mar 29 09:12:05 BST 2004

   I'm trying to use konsole with utempter, but unfortunatelly
whithout success. I have Kde 3.2.1, utempter 0.5.2 and debian
unstable. What I have done:
- upgrade to KDE 3.2.1
- compile & install utempter(utempter in /usr/sbin)
-----> konsole makes no utmp/wtmp entries
- deb-reconfigure kde-base
-----> konsole makes no utmp/wtmp entries
- reinstall konsole, kde-core and kde-base packages
-----> konsole makes no utmp/wtmp entries
- manually edit kwritedrc and konsolerc and set
   Autostart=true (kwritedrc) and AddToUtmp=true(konsolerc)
- restart KDE (kwritedrc runs in background)
-----> konsole makes no utmp/wtmp entries

I made a wrapper-script for utempter to check, if it is invoked,
and with which parameters, but it was never called.

What should I try next? Has anybody any idea?


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