KDE after login...not

Bob McIlvaine suemac at empire.net
Sat Mar 27 15:13:33 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Well, I've tried the info I've found with google and every 
source I can...but, no happiness.

I am running KDE on OpenBSD 3.4.

X seems to be installed and working. When the machine 
boots the X login screen comes up with the nice gui and a 
puffy fish graphic.

So far so good.

If I login, I get a an xterm window.

if I then type startkde, the KDE desktop is added to the 

But, if I create a .xsession file and put the startkde line in it.

No xterm starts and I get a box saying that "Couldn't start 
kdeinit" and an ok button. Clicking this button returns me to 
the puffy screen.

So I ssh in from another machine and rename the .xsession 
file and we're back to the way it was.

Now what I'd like is the choice of starting a plain xterm 
session OR kde after I enter username and password OR a 
none GUI command line.

The puffy login screen is fine with me.

So, nothing that I've googled has given me much in the way 
of concise guidance here.

- Could someone point me to docs that have complete 
details (everything I've found so far is a bit of this, a bit of 
that) of setting up kde.

- Could someone explain or point to docs which show the 
complete sequence of what goes on to start and xterm 
session/KDE session. (i'e. what scripts and their sequence at 
login are run...or expected/optioned, what shell variables are 

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Bob "Mac" McIlvaine
36 Parker Rd.
Brookline, NH 03033
Phone: 603-673-5861
e-mail: suemac at empire.net
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