Lost application buttons on taskbar

Henrique Pinto henrique.pinto at kdemail.net
Sat Mar 27 12:15:39 GMT 2004

Em Sex 26 Mar 2004 06:22, cougar escreveu:
> Somehow, someway, my kid messed around with the taskbar settings on my
> install of KDE 3.2 and now the application buttons (NOT the 'quick
> start' buttons on the left do not show up) I am talking about the app
> buttons on the RIGHT side of the taskbar where you maximize or minimize
> an app. I've searched for hours in vain for a cfg file or setting to
> bring back the app max/min buttons and even tried setting all taskbar
> settings to default and still no app buttons (yes, the quick start icons
> are there but NOT the apps buttons of started apps). Can anyone tell me
> where that setting is located or is this another bug in KDE? How do I
> get back those buttons??? TIA for any help!

See "Control Center" -> "Look & Feel" -> "Window Decorations" -> "Buttons".

	Henrique Pinto
	henrique.pinto at kdemail.net
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