Font kerning (character-to -character spacing) when printing problem

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Mar 27 09:26:12 GMT 2004

Mark Thorp Duxbury wrote:
> On Friday 26 March 2004 00:41, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>>Dik Takken wrote:
>>I'm afraid that the problem is with Qt's embedding of the fonts.
>>I don't embed fonts, but that isn't very simple.  Especially if you use
> Greetings,
> Now I understand what's happened.  
> I vaguely remember (probably several years ago now) working with ghostscript 
> to get font names to match what qt was  producing.  I seem to remember making 
> a whole set of aliases by printing samples from a kde app over and over again 
> with different fonts and then looking to see what qt called those fonts and 
> trying to find what ghostscript was calling them.  I remember this process as 
> being quite horrible.  [If I may be permitted a brief, possibly incorrect, 
> and definitely on the wrong list, rant: Why, in God's name, can't ghostscript 
> tell you what fonts it knows about?  For example, why isn't there something 
> like "gs --print_sample_fonts >" which would cause ghostscript to 
> print a sample of every font it knows about, along with the names that 
> ghostscript knows for each font.  Sorry for that, I feel better now.]

GhostScript is working with the PostScript Font Name that is embedded in 
the font.  It is Qt that screws up. :-(

This patch for Qt works for me:

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