kde 3.2 konqueror web browser font sizes are far too large on some sites

Greg Johnson greg.johnson at saltaire.com.au
Tue Mar 23 05:38:30 GMT 2004

Sites such as www.horde.org and www.jboss.org render with very large font sizes
when running konqueror in kde 3.2.1-0.1 Red Hat on a clean Fedora Core 1 i386

These sites look fine in Mozilla, Opera, Netscape & IE out of the box, it is
only konqueror that is "wrong".

kde3.1 did not have the problem.

I don't know what the problem is, but the following fixes it:

 create a file ~/.kde/share/apps/kmcss/user.css with the following contents:
 * {font-size : 9px ! important;}
 SMALL, SUB, SUP {font-size : 7px ! important;}
 BIG {font-size : 10px ! important;}
 H1, H1 A {font-size : 16px ! important;}
 H2, H2 A {font-size : 14px ! important;}
 H3, H3 A {font-size : 13px ! important;}
 H4, H4 A {font-size : 12px ! important;}
 H5, H5 A {font-size : 10px ! important;}

 Set ~/.kde/share/apps/kmcss/user.css as the user stylesheet in:
 Logout & Login again (otherwise the new stylesheet is not recognised for some

www.horde.org & www.jboss.org now look the same in konqueror as they do in
Mozilla, Opera etc out of the box.

As font sizes are not a problem anywhere else in kde3.2, this seems to be a
konqueror browser problem and maybe related to an internal default stylesheet.
I seem to recall that kde3.1 had a default.css which does not appear to be
present in kde 3.2.

greg johnson
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