custom fonts not working under KDE 3.2.1

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Mar 22 08:29:40 GMT 2004

Jason Harris wrote:
>>Is the number of fonts reported when you run the above, the 
>>correct number of fonts in the directory?
> There are fewer files in /usr/local/share/fonts than FontConfig reports.  
> I was assuming this was due to Bold/Italic variants within single font 
> files...
You have to count all of them.  It should find the same number as are 
listed in the Fontmap file for that directory.
>>And, I have to report that Qt-3.3.1 doesn't seem to like that font.  
>>I installed by hand and it didn't work in KWord, and does not work 
>>in the KDE font selector widget.  Is it possible that the font is 
>>Microsoft only -- Qt uses the Mac TrueType header. 
> Interesting.  I got the fonts on a webpage collection of free fonts; I 
> would not be suprised if they were designed for Windows use.  However, 
> *all* of these fonts work perfectly under KDE-3.2-rc1/Qt-3.2.1.  Does 
> this mean there is a regression bug in the font handling code in 
> Qt-3.3.1?  Is this a known problem?  
> I also find it interesting that when I point konqueror-3.2.1 to 
> "fonts:/System/", it can preview all of these fonts perfectly.  The 
> Font Install KCM can also.

About all I can tell you is that it doesn't quite work correctly.  The 
details seem to change with each release of Qt.  It is possible that there 
have been some regressions.  I have had problems under previous versions 
and I think that things are working a little better.  I don't think that 
FontConfig works 100% either.  One or the other can't seem to find all of 
my Helvetica faces (narrow and condensed have gone missing -- they used to 

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