custom fonts not working under KDE 3.2.1

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Mar 21 22:54:09 GMT 2004

Jason Harris wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently upgraded to KDE-3.2.1 from KDE-3.2.0-rc1.  Both were compiled
>  from source, and I actually have both installed side-by-side.
> I have a number of custom fonts installed on my system, in 
> /usr/local/share/fonts/.  When I run 'fc-cache -v' (as root), among the 
> output lines is the following:
> fc-cache: "/usr/local/share/fonts": skipping, 54 fonts, 0 dirs
> (every line of output includes "skipping"; I don't know if that is a 
> problem or not).

When it outputs 'skipping' it means that the directory is up to date --
there are no files newer than the cache file.

You might try running (first as root and then as the user account):

	fc-cache -vf

which will force an update of all caches.

> Anyway, these fonts work just fine if I boot into kde-3.2.0-rc1, but 
> many of them are not working under kde-3.2.1.  They all preview 
> correctly in the font installer KCM, and in konqueror with 
> "fonts:/System/" in the Location bar. However, if I choose one of these 
> fonts in a KDE app, it renders some default font instead.  This is true 
> for most, but not all, of the fonts installed at my 
> /usr/local/share/fonts.  Non-KDE apps (such as OOo) can use all of these
>  fonts without any problem, and like I said, KDE apps under 
> kde-3.2.0-rc1 can use them as well.

Since they work with OOo, they are properly setup for X applications that
don't use FontConfig.

> Is this familiar to anyone?  Is it possible that KDE became more strict 
> about checking the completeness or validity of fonts after 3.2.0-rc1?

It would be Qt that was making the difference.  Are you using a different
version of Qt?  There are bugs in Qt's font handling.

> How can I access these fonts from KDE apps, or at least further diagnose
>  the problem?

Two things to check.

Do you have fonts in directories that FontConfig isn't finding?

Is the number of fonts reported when you run the above, the correct number
of fonts in the directory?

> If you are using KDE-3.2.1, you can try installing one of my non-working
>  fonts, which I have placed here: 
> I'd be interested to 
> know if other 3.2.1 users have the same problem.

And, I have to report that Qt-3.3.1 doesn't seem to like that font.  I
installed by hand and it didn't work in KWord, and does not work in the KDE
font selector widget.  Is it possible that the font is Microsoft only -- Qt 
uses the Mac TrueType header.


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