kview and many images makes kdeinit choke (cpu 99%)

Guy Zelck gzelck at tiscalinet.be
Thu Mar 18 18:27:10 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Since KDE3 I had to abandon my favorite slideshow/viewer program because 
it couldn't handle more than 500 files.
Now with kde 3.2.1 it still behaves the same way. Even if you make a 
file list yourself and try to open it with kview.
The symptom is that kdeinit eats all cpu for as long as you let it; it 
doesn't get out of this situation by itself, you have to kill kview.

How can this be or is there a solution? This is a real pitty.
I now use gqview which has no problems with this number of images.
I've got the KDE packages for Suse 8.2 on an Intel P4 box. The problem 
occured since KDE3.


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