Repost Kmail identity problem & oversized dialogue boxes

Richard Dawson rcdawson at
Wed Mar 17 04:01:47 GMT 2004

No replies to my original post.  Perhaps the subject title "identity crisis" 
was too cute.  Sorry.  I do hope someone can help.

I have two problems with Kmail that I have not been able to resolve.  The 
identity applied when I reply is not the default sending ID, and the dialogue 
boxes for certain actions overfill the screen and I cannot get to the "bottom 
line".  (The identity applied is also wrong at other times, for instance when 
forwarding.  I'm not sure it is entirely consistent.  Sometimes it applies 
the identity I want.)

I am using Mandrake 9.1 and KDE 3.1.0.

With regard to me "identity crisis."  I have two different accounts.  Under " 
settings, configure Kmail, network" I made AT&T the default sending account 
(first in the list).  The other account occurs first in the receiving network 
list, but there is no way to change the order there or assign a default. 

I have created two identities, one for AT&T and one for the other account.  
Each identity has "special transport" checked, with the name of the 
appropriate network filled in.  The AT&T related identity is designated as 
the default identity.

I have created a folder for each account, designating one destination folder 
for each of the two accounts (by passing the inbox)  The sending ID for each 
of those two folders is the ID corresponding to the account with which it is 
associated.  I would have expected that when replying to a message received 
in the AT&T folder ,the default sending ID would thus be the AT&T related 
When I am in the AT&T folder and I create a new message, the AT&T related 
identity is automatically filled in.  If I am in the other folder and I 
create a new message, the other ID is automatically filled in.  So far, so 
good.  If, however, I reply to a message or forward a message, regardless of 
what folder I am in, the other identity is automatically filled in.  

Most annoying.  I typically download by doing "check mail" which goes to the 
other account first, downloads mail from it, then goes to the AT&T account to 
download mail.  Using "check mail in" and dowloading mail exclusively from 
the AT&T account doesn't seem to make any difference.

What am I missing?  How do I ensure that replying or forwarding messages have 
identity of the folder in which the message is originated -- or at least let 
me choose a default for all folders.

Which brings me to the second problem.  If I right click a folder and bring up 
the properties dialogue box (or get there any other way) the dialoge box is 
taller than my screen.  I can move it around by clicking and dragging on the 
title bar, but, even though the cursor turns into the double-direction arrow 
indicating size control function, I cannot make the window small enough to 
see what is at the bottom of the window.  This is true of various other 
dialogue boxes as well, such as the dialogue box to make new folders.   If I 
"restore the window to a full screen image the bottom is missing.  I can tab 
into boxes in the obscured part of the dialogue box, so I have been able, by 
trial and error, to hit the apply button and, for instance, make new folders.

Any suggestions on how to correct this problem?
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