kdevelop does not work with C++ ??????????????

David Harel hareldvd at ergolight-sw.com
Tue Mar 16 15:20:19 GMT 2004

I use RH9.
The RPM files I took was from: 
I did a full upgrade to KDE3.2.1 using the files in the above location 
including the kdevelop package.

The installation was irritating. First I did rpm -U --force --nodeps to 
all the packages I wanted but since I had problems with kdevelop I 
uninstalled all the KDE and QT packages and installed the new version 
making sure I got no dependency problems. This was very annoying because 
I had to do find the order of the packages to be installed by trial on 
error but this is not the end of the story.
I had to install many packages that were not part of RH 9/Fedora like 
libmusicbrainz in order to have my machine up-to-date. Also I had to 
revert to older version some packages I already had like openssl and  
liblm_sensors. This is really irritating.

I think KDE people should make sure they use generic base machine like 
RH 9 and verify which packages should be updated and they should at 
least provide links to those packages (would be even better if they had 
those packages in the download directory).
Also it is very important that in the ftp directory of the packages will 
be a document that explains the packages, what is the right order to 
install them and what other packages should be installed.
I hope KDE people see this message and will take my remarks in 
I am willing to assist with the above task.

Kevin Krammer wrote:

>On Sunday 14 March 2004 23:39, David Harel wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I hope I am going to get an answer for this one and stop feeling banned
>>any more.
>>I installed KDE 3.2.1 and kdevelop 3.0.2 twice. first as an upgrade and
>>second attempt from scratch. That is after I did rpm -e to all kde qt
>>arts packages and so forth. Still I have this unexpected error:
>>"Could not create language plugin for C++"
>>whenever I try to open a C++ project.
>>So what? No C++ support for kdevelop anymore??????
>C++ definitely works with KDevelop3, there could be a problem with the RPMs.
>What's you distriution?
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