KDE v3.2.1 Konsole and *.pcf.gz ansi fonts.

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Mar 15 09:56:07 GMT 2004

Bud Smoker wrote:
> Dear mailing list,
> I am a user of KDE's Konsole xterm replacement. Prior to KDE 3.2.1 i was able to force Konsole to use 'sabvga.pcf.gz', a replacement ansi font so Konsole displays ansi graphics correctly. In KDE 3.1.x all I had to do was cd /opt/kde/share/fonts and replace console8x8.pcf.gz with sabvga.pcf.gz (*rename*), and restart konsole and it would load sabvga.pcf.gz... however its not working. how do i get konsole to load a custom font? so far as default it only loads the following fonts (Under "settings->font->custom"):
> Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
> Courier
> Courier 10 pitch
> Courier 10 pitch (bitstream)
> Courier (Adobe/Bitstream/Ibm) (3 seperate fonts)
> Luxi Mono/Luxi Mono B&H (2 fonts)
> so basically i have to find where Bitstream verasansmono is and replace it with sabvga.pcf.... unless any of you have ideas on how to get an ANSI .pcf font to work in konsole...
> please help ive spent >5 hours on something that should take no less than 10 minutes.

You should be able to use any mono-spaced font that FontConfig has cached 
-- they are available under the: "Custom" setting.

As root, run:

	fc-cache -v

and see if it finds the directory where your font is -- without changing 
the name of it.  If not, either your: "/etc/fonts/fonts.conf" file is 
corrupted, or you need to add the directory to your: 
"/etc/fonts/local.conf" file.

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