KDM auto-login problem after upgrading, auto-launching other programs with kdm

Koivisto Kimmo kimmo.koivisto at surfeu.fi
Sun Mar 14 12:31:54 GMT 2004

On Sunday 14 March 2004 08:00, Scott Holder wrote:
> Hello there,
> Running Debian Unstable on a Tablet PC (Fujitsu Stylistic 3500) and
> recently apt-get upgraded to KDE 3.2.1. Liking the changes so far, but
> there's one thing that's really causing me great trouble. Due to the
> lack of a keyboard on a tablet PC, I had had it set to auto-login to my
> normal user. However, since upgrading, I get a dialog box with
> "Authenticating scott... Authentication failed" on boot. I've tried
> various tweaks and enables/reenables of options, but haven't had any
> luck. I've fiddled with the kdmrc, but I'm still somewhat new to KDM
> config and may be missing something.

At least with rpm's it was packaging issue:

<from earlier mails>
creating /etc/pam.d/kde-np with the recommended content solved it.

1. Look in the directory /etc/pam.d for files named "kde", "xdm", or "kdm". 
 2. Assuming you find the file "kde", do the following: 
 cd /etc/pam.d 
 (echo "auth sufficient pam_permit.so"; cat kde) > kde-np 
 If instead you find "xdm" or "kdm", replace "kde" by one of those in two 
places in the second line above. 
 </from earlier mails>

Kimmo Koivisto
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