KDM auto-login problem after upgrading, auto-launching other programs with kdm

Scott Holder ncc1701 at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 14 06:00:31 GMT 2004

Hello there,

Running Debian Unstable on a Tablet PC (Fujitsu Stylistic 3500) and 
recently apt-get upgraded to KDE 3.2.1. Liking the changes so far, but 
there's one thing that's really causing me great trouble. Due to the 
lack of a keyboard on a tablet PC, I had had it set to auto-login to my 
normal user. However, since upgrading, I get a dialog box with 
"Authenticating scott... Authentication failed" on boot. I've tried 
various tweaks and enables/reenables of options, but haven't had any 
luck. I've fiddled with the kdmrc, but I'm still somewhat new to KDM 
config and may be missing something.

Other corollary is whether or not it's possible to launch other programs 
with KDM, in this case an on-screen keyboard. It'd be handy to keep the 
KDM login for security reasons, but having to have a keyboard around to 
log in cramps the tablet PC design a bit. I've been using gok, which is 
really designed for gnome and has a few fiddly issues. Anybody know if 
KDE is ever going to have a native osk?

Very happy otherwise, great work!

Scott Holder
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